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The Cats of Cat Tails Apothecary
Kaia Van Natta, CA, LMT
CTA Mission

A great passion of mine is fostering homeless and orphaned kittens. I work with shelters & rescue agencies to get these little fur balls off the street and into fur-ever homes, often at my own expense. Another joy of mine is to garden and craft aromatic botanical products to help improve the wellness of my friends and family, including my animals. 

So now I've combined these too great hobbies of mine into a small business. 20% of all CTA profits go into my Cat Tails Rescue fund to support the needs all the foster kittens that came through my door.     

How I Got Started


I started my Aromatherapy journey back in 2015. I found myself reading the warning label on the back of a cleaning product and wondered why it says to wear gloves and open windows while using this product, and yet it's "safe" to have all over my surfaces for me and my pets to touch after? Hmm... So I started looking into making my own cleaning products so I knew exactly what was in them and just like that my love for pure botanical products was on a roll and I've never looked back! 

A few years later after a lot of self education, I decided to level up my knowledge and start down the Aromatherapy Certification path. I enrolled in an amazing program through Aromahead Institute, which was mostly organic chemistry and human physiology, and then a little blending and crafting at the end. I hope to enroll in their scholars program in the future to advance my education even more.


Prior at my Aromatherapy journey, I was - and still am - a Board Certified Massage & Bodywork Therapist. I graduated MT school in 2009 and run a thriving wellness studio in Whitefish Montana called Whitefish Wellness. I practice a wide variety of bodywork modalities, but my favorites are cupping therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and of course aromatherapy. 

And to bring this story full circle, I Love Cats! I currently have three cats that own me and an array of homeless kittens that come and go through my fostering program. Follow me on Instagram to see the latest babies and where to adopt them.

Why Organic Oils?


Well, who want's synthetic crap? Not me! Did you know that the majority of sensitivities and allergic reactions come from the synthetic components in your body care products? So many times I hear, "I can't use anything with (insert oil/plant name here) in it, it makes me break out". I then ask them to try using a product made with pure botanical versions of the products they are so called "allergic/sensitive" to and then surprise, surprise they don't have any reactions! This is the rub! We are organic organisms and we function best in and around organic substances, products, and environments. 

All CTA ingredients are ethically sourced, fair trade, organic botanical oils, butters, and waxes. They are steam distilled, cold pressed, unrefined, or raw as often as possible. 

Common Questions


Can you create a custom blend for me?

Yes I can, but only if you live locally (Flathead Valley, MT). I'd like to connect with you in person to discuss your wants/needs and to have you sniff through my essential oil collection. And if you're looking for a salve or butter, you'll want to feel and smell those combinations too! 

Do you use any synthetic chemicals or stabilizers in your products?

Absolutely  Not! Only the purest, ethically sourced, organic botanical oils and waxes are used in CTA products. 

What are the little beads/granules in my Burn Butter or Peppermint Latte Salve?

Shea butter and mango butter don't like to play well with others, especially when heat is involved. Mild heat is used to blend the butters, waxes, and oils together, then quickly chilled to prevent separation. However if your burn butter or peppermint latte salve/chapstick gets warm again the shea or mango butter may start to separate out causing the little granules that you see or feel. This doesn't effect the therapeutic value of the product, just the texture. Keep your butters and salves out of the sun and other warm areas like your pocket.

Can you ship me things if I'm not local?

I can ship most places in the USA during the winter and I only ship oil blends in the summer. The heat of summer is too hot for my butters and salves and makes them melt - and no one wants to get a buttery soup in the mail...

What if I'd like to buy a large amount of your products to use and sell at my own business?

I offer a great wholesale program! Check the wholesale page for more info. 

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